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also, the stereo won't come on and the key fob doesn't work .
It's under warranty should I just bring it to a Chevy dealer and let them handle it?
lately I use a little more gas,Autozone said it is the crankshaft position sensor, the shop told me it is the crankshaft itself and they are still looking, so far my bill will be $1000 do they take advantage of an g...
My hhr while driving put engine shutting down and turned off what couses this
Issue: Still vibrates at high speeds 50-75 mph (I drive 120 miles M-F interstate). Recent maintenance from my local Mechanic: 12/10/14: New ignition switch (recall) 12/21/14: 4 new Toyo tires; new GM wheel rt front...
but gains speed as i let off the gas oh and no check engine light either has anyone else had this problem yet my panel has 160,000 miles on it maybe catalytic converterbut would i have a check engine light on >?
when light flashes no power hasn't went dead yet spits & sputters. have replaced boots cam shaft sencer plugs coal
injection signal,wait 30 mins or so and it will run again then die.No check engine light.
If I turn hhr on a drive for a bit without air conditioner on I have power steering as soon as I turn on the air conditioner the power steering goes out. What do I need to do?
The control when pushed in will just flash instead of staying on like the driver seat does. The passenger seat will not heat but the driver seat will.