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Left lights on car dead so jumped started . Car started but power steering light and check engine light came on , speedometer not working and car wont shift out of 2nd gear ! Parked it and left it for bout 2 hrs and c...
this car 2007 chevy hhr has had a bump the light was on when i got the car 'i was told to unplug the module a few time's and the light would go off is this safe to do?
It only does it once in a while but even when I'm sitting at an incline it won't move. It only does it in reverse not drive. When it does finally back up it jumps really bad but then it's fine.
Since the check air bag is on, I cannot the mileage, other features the car has? I just brought the car yesterday and the check air bag light will not go off. How do I correct this?
What could it be please someone help me The problem started today
It sounds like a tractor knocking. I've had a few friends listen to it and they think it's a rod too. It had oil in it the day it broke down then after sitting for about 4 days it was bone dry. I put more oil in it an...
The oil level is still full. After getting rear ended concerned about a leak. It's a small dripping leak that started after a month of driving. Did something shift on the motor to create a transmission leak? Did somet...
Got rear ended and after one month of driving a leak started. Can't tell if it's oil or transmission fluid. Oil is still full so I'm guessing the leak is transmission. Please advise - troubled
I replaced the no. 2 cyclinder replaced headlight bulb put tune up on car the check engine light went off for one day came back on what to do
2007 HHR... I was told crank seal was bad. Under car, you can see where it is just spitting oil. I want to save myself a lot of money and fix it myself, but I'm confused on what to buy. They have a huge range in price...
I replaced the ignition coil and the car runs good but the engine light is still on what to do. Do I need to reset the light and how do I do that or could it be a different problem