I've had to replace the wheel bearings, rotors, brake pads, and a few other things 4 times in the last 3 years and nobody can figure out why on my 2007 Chevy HHR. Can someone please help me? Also, when I hit the brakes the front right shudders really bad but while driving you can't tell anything is really wrong

some say to put wood block on jack and lift the engine a little ? Is that proper?

lost power steering

Is overheating and fluid is full and Reservoir

our car broke down and GM garage wants to charge us 4000.00

Intermittent loss of power suggests motor or pressure seal??

The power steering went out after Jumpstart so I took it to my chevy dealership and they fixed the recalls on it. It still doesn't work so I changed the 2 amp fuse on the interior fuse box and the 60 amp fuse on the outside fuse box for eps. What can I do? I have a scheduled appointment for next Tuesday but I need my car fixed ASAP. Thanks for help

i had 2 used tires put on and now it pulls to the right i took it back and had them checked and thats when one of the service men told me its not the tires but the rackapending steerings going bad

Consent front end issues since day one . I've been having a super loud grinding sound for a year the mechanics shop now telling me its the transmission bearing and wants 1200! I don't have it put so much into this vehicle but stuck in it now 16 surgeries can't get back to work and need it to get me and autistic son around safe. Has anyone heard of this ?! Is it really that expensive?

I had been driving at 65-70 mph for approx. 10-15mins then I got off the hwy and was driving at 30-35 for approx. 4 mins when the car jerked a little and warning bell sounded. The display on the dash said reduced engine power, approx. 1 mile later the traction control shut off and light came on with another display of service traction control, the car has no power when starting from a stop, as long as you are moving does ok but doesn't have any umph. (no passing gear, or noticeable acceleration) it will do 65-70 mph but you need 5 miles to get it there. Also when shifting in or out of drive there is a noticeable jerk. error code said evaporative emission system gross leak. I have changed the fuel cap but although car acted right for an hour or so dealership said this is only coincidence because a gas cap being loose wont cause any of those problems. what do I check next?