The car stops

It has a 2.2 l engine.

fuse checked also relay

The speedometer does work either what is wrong how do I fix it

trying to change spark plug were are they

My headers need to be replaced am i good to travel3-4 hours without replacing them

Dealer did not do a diagnostic, but charged for throttle body reprogram and ECM reprogram. Problem didn't go away, they now want to perform diagnostic but cant guarantee they will know what the issue is

I have a flat and cannot get the wheel off, I just got my car and there isn't a key with it.

What is the function, cause of short and reasonable cost. I was quoted $980.00

My daughter called to say car is jerking as driven @20mph, engine light came on. We've only had this car 1 1/2 yrs- we've been through the recall ignition/gear problems as of 1st day but was prior to recall. don't feel it was fixed completely.Have had nothing but problems- constant repairs.

you have to keep trying it about 4 or 5 times please help looking for a solution