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When you trying to hit 70mph feel as if you are flooring it to get it to go

my power steering stopped working so I checked my oil and it was extremely low

Steering code is coming on intermittently. It seems like this could be a different issue than the eps motor. It's not blowing fuses, so I'm beginning to suspect the tourk sensor or possibly a 10 year old battery that may not be up to speck but still runs the car. Any comments? This is a 2007 HHR and has never been worked on for anything.

Show me the power steering unit on 2006 hhr

When I am driving my car has a humming noise coming from under the hood and also when I stop for a light I can can still hear the noise

Will it damage the car if I drive it?

I have replaced the partner side head light bulb with 2 New ones and still the light won't turn on, when same bulbs are tried on the driver side they work, what can I do? My a/c all of a sudden started blowing nothing but hot air. The change was one day to the next, can someone help me please?

Yesterday morning it was a balmy 9 degrees when I went to work, I went outside to start my car and it would not turn over. It worked just perfect the night before, the lights (interior and exterior) were on, radio on, everything was lighting up fine. It would make sounds like it was trying to turn over but never did. Finally about 10 minutes of messing around I got it to start but it was very loud almost gas lawn mower or stock car sounding and the exhaust pipe was just shaking. It shakes awful when sitting still (in the drive, at a light) but not when the car is in motion and when I hit the gas it hesitates to accelerate and does so at a very slow rate and the RPMs shoot up. It does smell of exhaust fumes but also there is a burning smell similar to burnt rubber you can smell from the outside of the car. What could this be? She was fine then not even 24 hours later virtually falling apart.

At red lights or going up hill hear sputters like its going to shut off but doesn't and only does it some time had engine and tourqe converter and fly wheel replaced as well. Transmission was replaced just before I bought it idk need help

The car stops

It has a 2.2 l engine.

fuse checked also relay

The speedometer does work either what is wrong how do I fix it

trying to change spark plug were are they