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I checked fluid level and seems ok, a little fluid has also backed up through the tube. Van seems to run fine.
I have already replaced tps at throttle body tps module keep getting codes and low engine power light on dash . Seems to happen after clearing all stored codes then driving aproxamatly 20 miles or 30 to 45 minutes loc...
The pump just quit. I was also having trouble with dash lights coming on and radio not shutting of when opening the door.
it's connectedd at some point my a/c blower does'nt blow air in front but always in dashboard
My 2005 Chevy express 3500, I changed the heater core because it was leaking, now I have no heat. Did I do something wrong?
i put new termostat and redeter but the gadge shoes over heating what is the problem.
Where is the fuel filter located?
i have replace the ac contol unit on the the center of the dash but still doing the same thing
i have replace the ac control unit but still doing the same thing any suggestion?
looks like its leaking from the water pump gasket , everything else looks and sounds fine .
The wiper fluid does not work on my 2005 Chevy Express 3500. I know the lines are not frozen and the fluid jug is full? Any suggestions??