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Gear selector moves on column and trans, but, gear selector display does not move from 2, (2nd gear), vehicle won't start. How can i reset so I can start and drive?
It seems to vibrate when it is going into overdrive then i can step on it to downshift then its fine when it goes into overdrive. then its ok for a while.
plug it back in stalls at idle I replace MAF senser it shows up on the code that its the MAF
A mechanic fixed my starter and told me my master cylinder is leaking and needs to be replaced. But the guys at minute lube said it was oil and not brake fluid leaking. Just seeing if this mechanic is on the up and up.
Blower motor runs on high and can not be shut off even by key off some times and sometimes you can control by the fan switch and it just acts normal , and it can run down the battery if I don't unplug at blower motor ...
It made an awful sound the clunked into gear in drive when I stopped it wouldn't go in reverse
i cant start the care till the check engine light off if i turn the car off and started it within few minutes its start normally i wish to know what is the problem and how to solve it
When I got ready to start the van I had a bad gase leak around 2 of the injectors. I fixed the leak but when I went back to start it I had no fire to plugs and no gase to the fuel rails. I checked the fuel pump and it...