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Ive had to pull on the pos. batt. cables to get it to start. Now it gotten harder to get going. I had to bang on the starter w a hammer to get it to start. Do I need a whole starter or just the solenoid ?
This comes and goes. The faster the more pronounced but will come and go. Is this shocks or bushings? 95k miles,
I am having vibrations at 60 mph + from the rear of vehicle. I've checked tires, brakes, u-joints etc. the cutaway has been used for an RV.
There is a port up top and another lower in the line. Which one do i use ? Does it matter which one i use ?
(when I check the non supply contact of the fuse I get 1.3 ohms) as far as i can tell this supplies power to the fuel pump relay, the fuel injection system and the ignition relay. Is there a likely component?
fuel pump went out and im trying to replace it as cheap as i can
Brake lights are OK when headlights are off. Turn signals work OK. When the headlights are on, the brake lights don't work. Also, shift indicator flashes with the turn signals, then goes off when the brake is pressed.
Is the fan assembly at the water pump a lefthand or right hand thread?
when driving during day time the front section is not cold enough but the backsection is working very good. theres no leak in the system . the was in the garage park for 3 years . when i bought it there was no refrige...
can you tell me if its the actuator or the selector
Temperature gauge pegged . No signs of leak or smell of antifreeze. What other problem could it be.
Service engine soon . Code said it was cylinder 7 misfire . What all should I look for that will cause this problem.
I need to know where to get direction to or how I can change the headlight on my 2001 Chevy Express 3500. I bought it used, I don't have a users guide and I don't see hoe to make the change.