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Went to dealer to get OE parts. Tensioner is discontinued. New tensioner that dealer indicated does not work as it is a single bolt connection whereas the original tensioner has two connections. The dual connection...
Truck will crank but there is a long delay (8-10 seconds). If you take the air filter off and stop the hole up and kill the motor, the truck fires right up when you try and crank it.
stuck 2 new blowers on it now the last 1 being a gm 1 it blows good out the back 2 vents but by the time it gets to the front 1 it barely comes out please help ive pulled the box 3 times now an am jus bout tir...
What are the the step to removing the injection pump?
had problem with the passlock system used the newrockies pro bypass module noe the fuel pump isnt working so we tested the power supply to the pump we got 11.8 at the fuel relay but only 5 volts at the pump no fuse pi...
Can you give me some suggestions on how to fix the promblem?
After getting help replacing a rod bearing, my van has serious hesitation problems when I try to accelerate from a stop. Checked distributor cap, wires, firing order and vacuum lines. Also my volt gage seems to read ...
how do you replace a fuel pressure regulator on a 99 1 ton chevy van 5.7 engine
hoe do you replace fuel presser reg
Once my running lights are turned on only the top brake light works.
How can I deactivate the security system on my vehicle? I replaced the computer on the van and the security light came on and now it won't start.