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I have checked the calipers, brakes, fuses and belt. Could this be electrical or maybe the alternator?
Towing a trailer about 6000 pounds at high way speeds
My van started fine this cold day with in 5 min engine cutting in and out during warm up gages, lights flashed before stalled. tried to start engine cranked over and fired. Sat a few hours tried again in nuteral and r...
I turned the key on and off several times but it wont crank over. Battery is good. Already replaced started and relays. If I turn the key on and off enough times it might start once. Gages are flickering.
smells like it is over heating,but temp is normal and loses water and anti freeze
Where is the oil sending unit?
I can't find a sink to pour out the coolant.
with the engine turned off the blower motor runs and drains the battery. Is it the blower control module? If so where is it located.
how do you replace the ac/heater fan control switch
please wher is the cigaret ligher fuze box
what do I have to do to adjust the clock on the 2500 express 2005, there is no bottom ordirections on the radio it self thank you