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One year ago my fuel gauge worked perfectly, then ran out of gas at 1/4 tank, now at over 1/4 tank I ran out of gas. My vehicle does not keep running now. Can the fuel sensor keep my van from running. Fuel pump press...
Replaced diagnosed Ignition Module, cleaned and replaced TBI, and put on a new AC idle air control valve, worn out key replaced, then replaced ingnition key switch. Still dies in a few minutes to 16 minutes. Drove fo...
I blew the in line fuse 30amp to my toggle switch, and my van only runs 5 min. each time since about. A green 30amp fuse large in the relay box was corroded but the fuse tester said it was still good, replaced. I put ...
the van turn on but when im driving for like 5 minutes go off. Why is that?
dont know how to find short any suggestions? Found P.E.D. fuse link with open eyelet not connected to anything.
how to replace rear main oil seal. leakin bad between eng and trans
The heat was only working on the highest speed for a while now. It stopped working completely and the fuse is good.
how to reprogram engine control module that is called VCM