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Am I on the right track thinking that my passlock is faulty when no "security " light comes on...as stated there has never been a "security light indicator on either of my express vans, yet an internet search of my cr...
I have a 2005-2500 Chevy Cargo Express and a 2006-1500 Chevy Cargo Express and neither have a "security" light that comes on when the switch is made, never has. Recently all the evidence suggest that the 2006 van has ...
the problem started today on the way home from work the oil light came on I recently had the oil changed
Failed inspection and was given the code PO128, what does it mean and how do I get it fixed?
how long dose it take to reset drive time so the codes read ready for testing?
turn signals and emerg. flashers not working need location of said module for replacement.