When start the truck , there is no problem. But after a little time it stops

Trying to find where the torque converter clutch selenoid is located.
Can someone help me with it?

going on my third rear.

i am hopping that the timing is off because i am getting nervious i hired some hafe ass thinking he new .

The alignment on the van is just fine and perfectly straight. All 4 brakes have recently been replaced. This issue started before brakes were replaced and has continued. Problem occurs every time brakes are applied.

I had a diagnostic code check and it showed the ECT sensor to be high. Replaced it but did nothing to help this problem. A few years ago, I had a similar problem when I had an engine changed by a gm dealer. They took care of it but I don't recall how. I just had a new air compressor installed by a independent mechanic and right after that was the trouble.

Van is a Jayco conversion. Doesn't blow heat either

would my steering gear be the problem. it only does it mostly when im doing about 25 30 mph