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After having a mechanic run a check on my suburban he said it miss fires some times not always. And it is slow on accelerating when cold also it shakes some times
While I'm backing up gears seems to make grinding noise
replaced bank 1 sensor 1 o2 light went out then came back on code 135 cleared codes no light but code 134 can you tell me whats up
But when you drive for a while and after a stop you go again it bangs in to second gear.I've checked fluid, could it be a throttle sensor?
Changed fuel pump and filter. It sat for a year with same gas pulled all that out when changed pump. Any ideas
Looking for a location to wear to put the Freon in on the low side
Code came back catalyst, mass air flow and egr stuck closed.changed mass air, pulled egr and cleaned with throttle body cleaner had alot of carbon but not stuck replaced o2 and now the engine turns over and will only...
My van would start sometime and then at times it won't start, but run good when it does, now it's been sitting for 3 months, and it won't start at all now, but I have 56 pounds of fuel pressure at the rail, I pulled a...
What would make it quit shifting any furthet than second even if u manual shift it