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start the car and the TC light doesn't go off
all my gauges and computer warning lights stopped as I was driving, and now can not start car.
My ac compressor makes noise so I check the freeon in the ac compressor the reading on the gauges would just go up and down
My ac compressor make noise when it kicks on and so i check ac freeon and I put the gauges on it the gauge just. Up and down
All the time when you run the heat air
Started complaining about a noise. Took it to the dealership and they said that it was low on oil. The same problem kept happening and they kept saying the same thing. I recently took it in because the noise has gotte...
I am getting a "check stabilitrack" message on my equinox. The dealership says the right rear ABS speed sensor needs to be replaced and they want almost $400.00 to do it. I have already found the sensor for half of th...
i have 53408 miles had problem with 33000 miles 34381 miles and 38136 mile engine lite has been comming on
This includes the costs of spark plugs, cleaning surrounding parts, etc.
I switched coil pack and that did not correct it I also put a new spark plug in it, even though I put 4 new ones in back in May, and that did not correct the problem. Can some one give me some help on what might be c...
Does the 2010 Equinox - 4 cylinder require a filter change when performing a transmission fluid change?