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The brakes work fine. The noise is coming from the dash and only happens when the car is in park.
Driver side started peeling in a wavy pattern from the roof first now in the last two days the passenger side has started!!
Code p1516, p2135, undefined code. Check engine light is on."Service stabilitrack, service traction control, power reduced" all appear on the dashboard.
I hear a loud grinding sound on my drivers side when I hit a good bump in the road. Almost sounds like its bottoming out but its just coming from that spot and nowhere else. The stabilitrack light came on too. What in...
Light switch is so on auto the low beams do not work but flick the lever to switch to high beam and they come on.
My needle shows the tank is always full and I know I only have at most a half a tank of gas in there. Is this an expensive repair and what is involved? When I turn engine off it goes to about the half way mark.
We need to remove the cover over the shifter to get to the window switches.
I recently changed a headlight. Just discovered both my rear brake lights not working. I am wondering if there is a connection or if it is a separate issue.
The slightest amount of moisture, combined with (barely) freezing temperatures, causes all four of my electric windows to freeze shut! I've had many vehicles with electric windows and have never had this problem befo...