The serpentine belt was changed, new brakes and new front barring. Can't find the source of the noise.

This is happening sporadically. Usually after a short trip, less than five miles. When I park and run a short errand, and come back to start again, it acts like it may not ignite engine. Turning over, but not starting for a couple of extra seconds. Then it does start up. Had it happen today again and it sputtered a little as it was turning over before starting. Took it to dealer but they could not reproduce the problem.

Tires one at a time are fine one day and the next going flat. No reason can be found when take to be checked.

What would cause the computer to say engine hot account on/off. Can faulty sensor cause this

what does this mean ? and how expensive to "fix" is it?? Thank you

I took it to the dealer because my abs & stabilitrak lights were on & when I picked it up the car wasn't shifting right. I took it back to the dealer & they are telling me that the shifting problems are caused from emergency switch.

The brakes work fine. The noise is coming from the dash and only happens when the car is in park.

Driver side started peeling in a wavy pattern from the roof first now in the last two days the passenger side has started!!

Code p1516, p2135, undefined code. Check engine light is on."Service stabilitrack, service traction control, power reduced" all appear on the dashboard.

I hear a loud grinding sound on my drivers side when I hit a good bump in the road. Almost sounds like its bottoming out but its just coming from that spot and nowhere else. The stabilitrack light came on too. What in the world?! Someone please tell me this isn't major and won't cost my whole month's paycheck?? It's kinda scary and I'm afraid to drive it on the road.