While driving service stabilatrac, tractoin control and abs light comes on. Is this some that can be fixed easy.

Is this something easy to fix myself.

Hear a metal on metal sound when in reverse and first gear. Hear a clunking sound intermittently when starting car. Also intermittent hesitation at high speeds and RPM's go all over place. Motor sounds like it is turning over

i have taken this to the mechanic 3 times and still have the same lights on. Is it possible to fix this problem myself? Auto zone gave me a code of p0404

i'm driving

ok posted previous post about engine light on and obd code p0008 got a few replies but doing more research in my owners manual and it says that command start will not work if vehicle has emmissions control problems hench wondering if obd code is due to emmissions control prob would an o2 sensor be classified as emmissions issues?

have put it on a obd reader and it comes up as p0008. have read up on a bit and could be a few things. anyone have any pinpointed ideas as problem. odd time vehicle hesitated for couple of seconds when gas pedal depressed. other than that haven't noticed anything else

my paint has bubbled up and is starting to crack and peel off

engine fan runs

Tried EVERYTHING. No lights (in or out) work. Can not get key to release from ignition. Can NOT get auto out of PARK.

I replaced the motor still inop. There are 5 wires to the motor I checked the red and blk there is 12v to the motor when wiper button is not pushed. Without a schematic I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be there or not or what the other wires are for. I left the fuse out until I can find an answer. Thanks

The lights with the mileage, temp ext. And the radio display keep going off or dimming down were you can not see what they say. Any ideas what might cause this. Chevy Equinox lt 2008

Driving home the TCS light was blinking and then the ABS light came on. the TCS said i need to service my Stabilitrak.I got home turned off the car waited 15 minutes went back out restarted the car and the TCS warning light went off. It said TCS is on. BUT my ABS light is on.Is this safe to drive ? I have a major surgery scheduled tomorrow.Also it felt as if i was losing power when the TCS light was blinking. and my car felt like it was bucking. I went around a corner and the TCS started blinking again.How do i fix this without costing me an arm and a leg. Im a single parent