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The lights with the mileage, temp ext. And the radio display keep going off or dimming down were you can not see what they say. Any ideas what might cause this. Chevy Equinox lt 2008
Driving home the TCS light was blinking and then the ABS light came on. the TCS said i need to service my Stabilitrak.I got home turned off the car waited 15 minutes went back out restarted the car and the TCS warning...
Will not start at times. Wont even turn over. Sometimes if we turn off heater etc it will start. Husband thinks it might be a relay prov. Garage says faulty wiring possible.
long story short, the motor shaft broke off with the wiper still attached to it. Sooo, what i have is a rear wiper motor trying to run when not even turned on. Help?
Wiper moves back and forth slow
Hooked scanner up found code p0442 EVAP slow leak. inspected all lines and canaster found no problems replaced gas cap reset codes. two days came back on.
It has stopped blowing cold air, had the freon replaced and that didn't help.
After stopping at a light the fan speed increases and then when you take off then the speed goes back to normal. Anyone know what might cause this?
Only does this in wet weather!Any help would be appreciated!
changed battery ,then when was restarted power steering was gone
Please tell me what to do. I have an extended warranty for 100,000 miles, but unsure if this qualifies. Do I take it to dealer at this point?
Does anyone at GM know what is wrong when the stability/traction control service lights come on and then go off with a 2008 Chevy Equinox? It apprears that no one is prepared to give a specific answer. My car does it ...
We have over 1180, miles on our equinox. Have had no problems with it. We have taken good care of it so far. Just wondering if this is a start of problems, hope not....Thanks
Rear windshield wiper needs replacement