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Changed the plugs, wires and coil pack. Engine light on error code BA000. Cannot find this anywhere and not sure what might be wrong.
replaced cv axel and brake pads on front, now when I hit any bump it sounds like something is loose and rattling. I have re-removed caliper and cleaned everything. Noise does stop completely if you touch the brakes wh...
Now every other day when you come out in the morning the car does nothing when you try to start it all lights work but makes no noise. If you disconnect the battery for a couple minutes the reconnect it the car will s...
we have had it put on the computer and it says mutiple malfactioins.
When I have my car out in the rain water gathers in the back cannot c anyplace where it comes in
I have cv axil stuck in the LF trans axil differential
I took my suv in to have the dome light replaced last week. the service technician replaced a smaller bulb and rewired to make the light workable. three days later the vehicle would not start. jump started and retu...
The washer fluid tank has been filled twice. There is fluid leaked on the driver's side of the 2007 chevrolet equinox Lt.
this a 2 wheel drive
this a3 wheel drive.would it be a strut
The passenger side works find. Recently my right thigh has been getting extremely hot. Tried rubbing the seat to move the coil then I noticed the problem.
I check all TPMS wheel sensors and they are ok, Where does the left front recievces it signal
I had my oil changed by a car repair shop, and the indicator light is stating the same percent of oil as it did before it was changed. Always before when the oil has been changed we had to reset it. just wondering if ...