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I have no idea where the fuse is. Please help me before I go mad. This is the 3rd time in 9 months that I have had this problem with one of the lights and the bulbs were fine. I removed the bulbs and replaced it with ...
I purchased a new cooling fan kit and it still does not work. Please help
It's done the cluster not working twice now today being the second time . Then she was going to go out for lunch & it wouldn't start then a cpl min later it started right up. Now the fuse box under the hood is broke i...
We have changed water pump, thermostat, and the coolant temp sensor. And the heater core was recently changed due to it being plugged. The heater will blow cool air unless the engine is above 2000 rpms and then it blo...
I can hear the little motor turning if I'm quiet, when I turn the dial to warm but still only cold air blows. My brother checked the thermostat and he says it's not that.
Getting 11.4v power to blower motor, but it still will not turn on even after being changed.
when you apply the brakes it has a load sound and vibration noise when you are comming to a stop.What would cause this