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L4 to L2 is obviously 4 or five gears forward (L4) and 2 gears forward (L2) but Chevy indicates L4 and D are the same. Why bother with L4 then???
I have searched and can not find the cover over my headlamp Does it have a different name. I don't need the headlamp just cover.
Automatic headlights come on when dusk hits, however my tail lights don't. All bulbs and wiring have been checked and rechecked as well as the fuses. Is there something else I should be checking?
switch works sometimes and then it doesn't
It just appeared one day and I can't seem to see anything under the hood with a leak.
So my daughter's boyfriend's father replaced my front struts 6 months ago. He just did the struts & new caps. The spring broke in the front right strut 3 months ago. I haven't been able to afford repair. I have to tak...
My car has over 115000 miles, but it doesn't really bounce that much
I have brojen 3 cv axle because it seems as though it not fitting right...what could be yhe problem
My wife bought this car new in 2004. It has 178,000 on it; the LKQ motor we bought when the original motor blew has about 40,000 less on it. I'll say up front that I don't know how many of these symptoms are relate...
Sometimes it has a rough time starting but eventually starts after a couple cranks. Runs fine doesn't hesitate or nothing
When I go to start my car it'll turn over and gimme false start only way I can get it to run is to floor it while starting then runs fine and gas mileage is goin down hill plz help . Also I hace just replaced all plug...