2005 Chevrolet Equinox Questions

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fuses keep blowing. Need box replaced....HOW?

ABS system is broke. need it fixed.

when you turn it on, it smells like the antifreeze leaked into it

I have a series of different problems with my 2005 Chevy Equinox. I saw my ABS and TC on recently and when I hit the brake it's like it scraping on something and the brake often gets stiff. Another issue is like its when I'm hitting the gas it's like it's not going , seems as if something is holding it back. I also saw like it was leaking fuel from the front end. All these issues started when my ABS AND TC lights came on. What could be the cause of all these problems ?

problem with the car not starting since bought the car used in Nov 2015..
changed, starter, battery, cam shaft sensor, mech, said after 200.00 exploratory it was a bolt that attached to battery.. car is home ran great for 3 days, back to won't start..

its not the exhaust pipe just the muffler,small extention pipe and tail pipe

We checked the battery and the starter. I do not have a remote. Is there any way to shut the alarm off?

The car is now dead. the car has been jumped and the person started the from the starter and it started. The battery was drained again and the key will not start the car.