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the passenger side is blowing warm air while the driver side is cold. i suspect the motor on the draft diverter or a control that controls the diverter. how do i get to the diverter?

1998 chevrolet corvette coupe with manual transmission. check engine code P1416-passenger side check valve

Windshield wipers stop straight up when turned off, just started today, 30,000 miles on 1998 vette. Could not locate a repair manual.

also starts a squeeling noise after driving for 10 miles let it sit wont squeel not the belt or pullies. if you put your hand or cap back to valve cover it sucks it down(hard)intake gaskets have been replaced

Just had my $250.00 windshield wiper replaced, now they seem weird going on and off after handwashing. My mechanic said he replaced the entire what????