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Hoses have been on 5+ years which equates to 35k miles. They do not appear to be bulging at either end so far.
This message flashes three times and then returns to normal display. This cycle repeats itself at approx. one minute intervals.
car sat for 6 months in garage this winter.Was idling rough when started.WOULD NOT RUN was towed to Chevy shop.
head lights rotate fine in and out lights work fine
I was charged $139 just to put freon in my car. Was I overcharged??
my tempature on my dash reads 90 degrees but i still dont get any heat
I am looking for detailed illustrations of the power window regulator and motor replacement on my 1994 corvette coupe.
On my 94 C4 Vette Coupe, I need to change the outer door seals. Is repo parts from the major Vette vendors as good as GM seals and what is the rivet size? Thanks
today engine stoped and almost did not start again like it has been.work is only 3.6 miles from home,it did not die this much before the fuel pump was replaced.Whats going on with this car?
my wifes corvette will die with no warnings at all,no lights no rough idlol.Most of the time its after she drives awhile 1hour or so then more offten,and you can't restart untill after i minute or more,it desen't ever...
1994 corvette misses only when temp xceeds 200 degrees
I already have a new optispark and a new waterpump for the job
My trans is in Limp Home Mode. Fluid is good. What would be the next thing to check? Thanks
shifts hard at first. seems won't go past 2nd sometimes.once warm works fine. fluid checked is ok. Rolls in park now too.