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tap motor housing will start working at very low speed.
when the engines cold if fires on the first turn
All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.
after a 200 mile trip started this was 100 degree day but engine temp was ok . when stopping and then when you try to pull away would stall afte about 3 trys was able to pull away.
i have a 1993 Chevy Corvette 2 door coupe that i bought in 95. Yesterday as I was turning into my work, My right rear tire locked up. It works perfect in reverse but I cannot go forward. Please Help!
corvette has computer issues. I have replaced the battery and clean my key chip and I still have a problem with car not starting correctly. If computer, how much would I be looking at as far as cost
heater blower quit working. fuses check out ok.