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car had been sitting in garage a few years ,without starting
but now has no power when you hit the gas.also dies how do i fix the problem
The compartment around my gas cap retains water. No water has entered the engine but I'm worried that this could happen.
the car will not turnover
Bought it used from Ebay. I think the security system is preventing it from starting. What do I do? Do I need to change any codes or bypass the security system?
I just had my car diagnosed by a garage saying that it has a condition called 'torque converter lock up' and this is the reason that the car shakes / vibrates violently when on the Hgwy under load @ approx 2200 RPM. T...
engine will start has ruff idle an will not take fuel, motor will die
car been sitting i took out old gas . put new spark plug.it try to start but not
The car will start and idle but as soon as you press on the gas pedal the engine stalls. Getting engine code 42 (ignition contro module) and 33 (MAP sensor). The problem first appeared while driving, engine was runn...
have replaced the fuel filters, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, does not loose fuel pressure when it dies and it will start right back up. what to ck next?