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won't even run after warmed up ran and stalled just starts and stall can't keep a idle. then when it cools down it will start up run ok for a while then stall at stop lights if in drive and not moving or gasing the pe...
I realize I SAID the year was a 1990, but in order to have my question submitted that was the oldest option given. Sorry
guy says exgirlfriend stole key. can he start it without key?
Specifically the code is "Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor voltage is too low." I'm reading that it may be a vacuum problem. Does anyone know where to start with this repair? The car has 42K miles and the following ha...
I replaced the ignition cylinder and determined the vats key. The engine turns over but won't start. Seems to be a fuel issue. Can't hear the fuel pump come on. Is it connected to the vats or is it another issue?
Happens after car is warmed up. Steam has odd smell, probably from anti-freeze. But how does it get into a/c vents? And what causes it?
I took it in and discovered the valves had heavy carbon deposits. Some of the valves were sticking in the valve guides. we increased the diameter of the valve guides and reworked the valve seats. I have been advised...
When I try to start car all lights work radio but it won't crank over.