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plug boot,no codes,no problems,no smoke,doesnt use oil /synthetic
it does sometimes after sitting for 10 mins. I have call the dealer they said they can't do nothing unless it do it for them. we can go in a store and come out and it won't start or turn over. the radio works ,lights,...
After waiting 10 to 15 minutes it starts as it normally should
was solid before. driving in snow, I parked. When I started up again, I put in reverse but was in 4wd. I stopped and put in 2wd to finish, then into 4wd in forward but light stayed in flashing mode and only goes so...
Where can I purchase a tail gate lock
my truck has 15000 miles on it back brakes squeal my machanic at work said he ran in to the same problem same truck wore out rear drum breaks at 16000 told me that there were to many teeth on self adjusters
How do I replace the low beam headlight with a new high intensity Xenon bulb? How do i remove the headlight assembly?