I'm changing my valve cover gasket, but the last two screws are under the intake manifold. This has become a bigger job then I expected.

when brake pedal is pushed & right signal is on flashes fast, when left signal is on stays solid. problem is intermitent. when signals are not on and brake is pushed right turn light on dash lights and you get signal sound

got all the bolts out,the old pads and caliper is off rotor is free be cant get flange in front of rotor off. hope it isn't pressed on but don't think so

It shows on the dashboard temperature gauge that it's heating up. The mechanic checked the outside with a temperature laser gun and it reads temperature its normal. I already changed water pump, fan clutch, termostat, temperature element, radiator cap, and cleaned the radiator. I really don't know why it keeps reading that it's heating up. I turn off the a/c and in stoplights I put it in neutral so temperature gauge can go down.

I change the switch and fuses are good

I have no power to the 4x4 selector switch thought it might be bad. So i re placed it no change. My research points to the tccm.

I have replaced the 4x4 selector switch no change. Never had any problems with the 4x4 then it just quit working.

Valvi line forgot to put oil in truck
And drove 3500 mile before there was a sign. Rod knocking now.I put in oil and oil started spraying out the top of the motor what happened there did the piston break the head or something?

My engine light came on yesterday and I can't seem to figure it out. My wife thought it might be a loose gas cap. Someone else told me it could me the O2 sensor.

It does fine when I keep it on 2 or lower and it does it every time I turn it on 3 or higher

Do you have diagrams for timing

May 06, 2015
Priced a condensor @ PartsGeek and resonable price. However, can installation be completed without machine per charging freeon...?
Your advise and consideration are appreciated.
Thanks again!


PS - Please include directions per best procedure per change.
Thank you again...!

Check engine soon light and fuel gauge malfunction occurred at the same time. I started my truck and depressed the accelerator. The engine coughed and check engine soon light came on and fuel gauge stopped working. I have experienced the stalling, hard cranking, running rough and poor fuel mileage symptoms on 3 different occasions. I added a small bottle of Lucas fuel treatment and after driving 50 or 60 miles, the symptoms went away except the fuel mileage.