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When the locking system does not work the driver side window does not work either
brake fluid was contaminated with powerstearing fluid, and destroyed all parts containing rubber, including the front flex lines.dose the rear shoe Pistons, pressers switch or other parts contain rubber
tuck started running ruff and then just shut down . couldn't start it . towed it to garage and run for hour and a half . the engine light came on with a lot of codes so they think it is electrical . Any Ideas.
brake light switch replaced. taillights,signal lights work.
I have done all of the recommended things, clean the throttle body, MIF clean, and new plugs. The engine light does not stay on. Still has a rough idle when I stop at lights.(runs great under power when driving) 14 MP...
Checked fuses. can't find any bad. Where else can I look or what else can I check?
Change the oil and it was dark no chunks but lots of fine residue on the magnet . Added new oil and filter plus one bottle of Lucas anti slip . It got a lil better but still slipping now when I'm at about 50+mph . Any...
Other windows work ok. Door locks also will not work with key remote button.
I have 187000 miles the belt, is not a problem yet. I want ot change as a precaution. Thanks Larry