It's acting like it ran out of gas

cd player won't accept or play cd's radio ok.

my heater fan and motor has been tested they work. it was coming on and off on its own but now nothing. any ideas?

When I look down at the tac it's fluctuating up and down what would cause this

Trying to check fuses to air conditioner to see if that's why it quit blowing.

I.ve ran fuel treatment on every other tank for about a month. There is no light coming on .

I've run fuel cleaner thru it on a couple on tanks.

I know one is brake switch.

When you apply brake signal light on dash comes on, but one signal lite does not blink. When you do apply brake your can hear a click noise on the drive side.

My oil pump went out and my truck is rattling , my engine light stayed on because the throttle body needed cleaning , and it needed a thermostat . My ac/heater relay switch had burned spots on it and the ac/ heater would only work on high. I love my truck but if I had known that you couldn't buy a rebuild kit for the motor I would not have bought it . I'm thinking of having a 327 chevy engine put in it,so could you please tell me what I need to buy to make it work ?

No oil leaks. What would you suspect and what order should I check. If it's oil pump how much will it cost?

Ths usually happens on deceleration. If I attempt to start it up right away, nothing happens, but if I let it sit for about 15 minutes, it will restart and run well. There are no bucking, backfiring, shake or shutters at any time. It has happened in all weather conditions and is happening more frequently during the past month. One mechanic said it was the pistons and another said it was the timing chain, but neither did much more listen to my story.