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When I'm driving I hear a high pitched noise coming from the front wheels but stops when brakes are applied, what could be causing this and how do I go about fixing it's?
I just changed my clutch and put everything back the way it came out. Now my service 4 wheel drive light is on. I did notice some small scrapes in the wires going to the sensor on the bottom of the transfer case.
Bought truck from car dealer was Maryland inspected and 7 months latter frame rusted thru holes big enough to stick 4 fingers in and cracked so bad can not be driven. 107000 miles body in great condition no rust, only...
where do i begin to sovle this issue
this job of replacing a burned out lamp looks soo simple but i'm not able to remove the bulb. tried to pull it out and even tried to twist and turn to no avail. what do you do in order to replace a new laqmp? i feel s...
changed the encoder motor now 4x4 works fine but it flashes while in 4 hi
The problem has happened before but it would stop after awhile but now is will misfire all the time I do have a scan tool have have not checked the common problems to fix yet
My truck needs it coils replaced and needs a water leak sealed somewhere in then truck the driver side window shorted out due to the water leak. How much would all this cost
It runs well on high speed and gets too hot in the cab.