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i replaced the ignition switch, swapped batterys, tested the starter, and checked all fuses. nothing happens. when i go to "start" the car... nothing. all you hear is the fuel injectors. no sound from the starter at a...
Coolant system was just drained and reserviced. The coolant low level light will not go out. The sending unit appears to be an internal part of the reservior. Do I need a new reservior?
Removed drum and inspected shoes, inside of drum shows very little wear and both shoes are wearing evenly. All appears normal. But, problem occurs with every application of brakes forward or reverse.
After my timing chain broke. I replaced Timing Chain,Camshaft Timing Gear, Crankshaft Timing Gear, Timing Chain Tensioner, and crankshaft position sensor. I Aline everything in the right position. I getting gas and sp...
i change the colant sensor and checked the fuses on the driverside both ae good. what is left to check?
I need to replace my relay coolin fan sensor & need help find the loction
My 1994 bretta electric window stoped about 3/4 the way now won't go up or down
The water pump seems fine so we stated with sensors and found that the fan never comes on but tested it and the fan itself works. We were told it was a relay but can't find the relay that goes to it. There is no diagr...
where would the fuel pump relay be ?
runs good for a little while then its like you turn the key offand it cuts off
What could possibly cause this sound. Makes me think that something is broken but I can't visibly see anything. This started all of a sudden.
I was wondering about how much it shoud cost to replace ths hose. I saw that it can be hard to replace if you do not know what you are doing. Also..The car was mking noise before I refilled the resevoir..did I damag...
My dimmer switch doesn't work and I want to know how to repair it.
my car run hot not overheating, fan seems to come on late. what turns on the fan