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when turn the key it is in between lock and start position will not return to lock position and will not start car
I have fuel comin back the return line, but not starting. If i dump gas in the carb, it will start and run til that runs out. Im assuming something with injectors or a relayfor one, but i dont kno anything about that ...
I have a 1989 chevrolet/beretta/2.8L. How much time/work to replace belt tensioner. Do I have to loosen motor mount to access the tensioner, for there’s no room there.
Its a black part that keep coming out and it make it cut off, I can hear air when it come out.
i have power alternator good battery good fuel pump good i got in it saturday morning it started right up added power steering fluid then got back in car when i shut the door the car died and now wont start back up HE...
the car will not shut off by the key
hom many ignition coils are in this particular model chevey berretta gt.3.1 v6?
my engine light comes on when i push on the gas panle and go off when i dont?
About two monthes agoMy vehicle began ideling eractically at a redlight,drive thru window or stopped for a train crossing..I saw the idle changing so I put in park and reved it to keep her alive.However,the car died ...
how do you jump on relay to run a cooling fan? I need the diagram of the relays.