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Instructions for installation
I had changed the plugs, later found out that the 3rd plug part of is the cost.there is no light there.what will i do to cheek the problem?
I had to make a ~40 mile commute today. About halfway through, the hold light started blinking and the temperature gauge stopped working. The car appears to be working normally, and the only unusual driving conditions...
My car is aveo 2009 the problem that while I was driving it, suddenly the hold mode lamp blinking and also the check engine lamp !!! also the hold mode key it self is not working . when I press this key nothing appe...
I just changed the ignition coil and noticed that there is oil in the bottom, is this normal? The car has stopped all together.
It started with the key being stuck in the ignition, then the HOLD light came on and starting blinking, now the car won't start at all.
just had water pump replaced, hold light on and blinking, thermostat stoped working, and have to shift using hold button
wife went to shift to 5th and the shifter got stuck,but it seems to be in neutral.
Replaced battery fuse, Gauges don't work and radio will not come on all other lights work on dash
this problem just happen. never had problem before. had the car since 2010 with less than 56,0000 miles. the right lamp harness has burned out the dealer said it would cost me about $700.00 parts.
Engine consistantly runs rough, code PO304 lights the check engine light, but only code PO304 appears, no codes for ignition coil, fuel injector, catalytic converter, lean fuel mixture, O2 sensor, etc.