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Engine misfires at high speeds or if you try to push the gas to hard.
the passenger tail lights and the front passenger running light also goes out when the head lights are on. All of the brake light work and none of the bulbs are burnt up and all of the fuses are good. Also a weird thi...
My high beams icon on my dash is always on now.. About 2 weeks.. My headlights are dimmer than they should be..(Not good!) If I put highbeams on all the headlights go off.. A plug that is white that is on drivers side...
The top of the strut sticks up about 2 inches when i take my caroff the jack,does that mean my strut mounts are gone.and if so do i have to take the strut assembly apart to replace them.
its not da check engine lights it above the headlights sign
We checked the fuses, the bulb, the relay etc. my husband checked the wiring that he could see and it came on when he was moving the wires around then went off again and now it won't come back on at all. What does thi...
will the needle always show hot when overheating ? My friend used my car and said the motor shut but the needle did not show hot? Continued driving and later saw it was overheating
On a few occasions it has become difficult to engage 5th gear. The problem is not consistant, happens at different times of day and engine temp's. Speed at change does not have a effect. Have to hold gear lever and re...
What is the likelyhood that the catalytic converter has indeed failed or could I get that same code if it were just a sensor gone bad?
The plastic that holds the headlights is crumbling away! The car has NOT been in any accidents, there was no battery acid spilled on these parts. Has any else seen this issue? Car has 40000 miles on it.
50000 miles. battery light and brake light came on. now car will not start. radio will only work with ignition in the acc. position. clock has come and gone for years.when it comes back on the time is correct.
transmission line connecting to radiator leaks
The horn started to blare by itself. The battery was disconnected and it reset but now it does work. The fuse looks good. What should I check next?