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i just replaced my EGR valve and spark plugs it was running great but now is acting like it's starting to bog again. I need to find out what the drive cycle is.

THe check oil light flashed intermittently, I checked oil & added some, Drove car about 5 miles and same thing happened. Drove car home and car won't start. Good spark and engine turns over, timing belt seems ok but car won't run HELP

i need to wiring diagram to find a line that shuts off with the car and with a certain amps on the line

no speedometer,gas gauge,rpm,and temp gauge not working...blinkers and turns work....can u give me diagnosis

When car has been turned off and you get in and start the engine it will idle rough and when you start to take off it looses power and dies you then have to put it in neutral and restart or if idling rough put in neutral and turn off and restart after putting in neutral and restarting it runs just fine no check engine light. The light was on, did diagnostic and got code to replace cam positioning sensor, replaced it and did not fix. Please help

it tried to start. then it just started turning over & over. I don't think it's getting any fire? i replaced the coil about 1 yr ago. plugs about a year ago also.