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Bought as new truck and never had any accidents or cause for failure.
I turn too sharp with 4x4 engage and two days later it start clunking on the front right side
Someone told me it is my transfer case. I have around 190k miles on it ... just recently had a new tranny put in. sounds like a propeller winding up when i hit the gas and increase speed. when i take my foot off th...
noise appears to be coming from driveshaft
changed starter touched positive cable to frame now it'll turn over but won't crank
slid on ice stabilty check light came on felt dragging in rear went back off and dragging stopped
just recently mainly when its hot outside the truck cranks but sometimes takes 2 or 3 times for it to completly crank up what could be the problem
How do you replace dash lights and light in steering wheel
I have a whining noise whenever i rev my engine in nuetral or whenever i accelerate. Seems to go away aat high speeds but i think the whine just gets too high pitched to hear. 2006 chevy avalanche 5.3
The air conditioner is still cold, but it seems not to be putting out much air when it is on high speed.
In reference to one of the common problems listed for suspension & steering, I've had my '06 Avalanche checked last week for a clunking noise in the suspension and/or steering and was advised that the sector shaft and...