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the battery is new and the connection are tight. When i turn the key it makes no sound at all. the lights are bright and the accessories work fine.
Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.
I'm trying to take the plastic skin off back bumper. I,m done except for where you unlock the spare tire, thats the only thing still holding the skin on. Does anyone know how that disassembles?
the rear end in my Avalanche has a whirring sound notice it gets quite taking curves when the pressure is on the rear driver side, the noise is louder as you take a curve to the left with pressure on the passenger whe...
white smoke coming out of the exhaust and rattle when acceleration
My oil pressure is running higher than before (40-45)and it fluxuates as the vehicle speed does. Oil Sensor or Oil Pump?
what does "check engine oil life 95%" mean
I dont what "check engine oil life 95%" means? it happen where my miles would nomally show.
My service stability light just came on, what the heck does that mean?
were are the secondary air injection check valves
the brake light works the turn signal light works the backup-light works but the running light does not i have replaced all three bulbs
rubber rubbing sound coming from rear in forward motion only, no sound when in reverse
the tachometer needle elevate every time I when accelerate and keep going off the limit then it stuck even when the engine been turn off the ignition ,the speedometer and rpm seem fine.I have to disconnect battery to ...
my truck won't turn on the first time all the time...it'll spin,but won't crank..turn the key back,turn the ignition..truck starts..why is that?
Why is there a crackling noise coming from what seems like the steering column? This may also be the cause to why the lights on the steering wheel controls are burned out.