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Water getting in the cab after a hard rain
I was told that the instrument cluster needs to be replaced. Is this an expensive repair or is it something I can do myself without being in a garage?
I have the "service 4wh. light" also. intermittent at first. tried messing with the selector sw. and then read it out with a meter. not the problem. then i got code "U1026=Loss of communication with auto transfer ...
and P 1517 TAC Module Processor located in the engine
when started direct from the starter wires it comes on but like loosing power
I have a 2002 Chevy avalanche with an abs light on I noticed the owner before me had removed the abs fuse so I replaced and as soon as I put the new fuse in it made a horrid errrrrrrr noise like the abs was continuous...
Started having problems with the gear indicator when shifting from D to reverse, or even park. When changing gears from D to R instead of R being highlighted it would be 3. Even when putting into park (P) 3 would be h...
this all came about when i was trying to get my boat off trailer.kept hitting the brakes hard in reverse to get boat off trailer
have also cleaned all the grounds i could find if that makes a difference. when i have taken out the cluster there is a burn mark on the part that houses the prndl.
2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500. The part was 132 and the shop charged 100. Was I overcharged ?
I can make the compressor turn on by jumping the wires by the condenser. But, it won't work automatically. Also, I added some freon thinking it might be low.
No prior problems. Only had 150k miles
previous owner changed ignition, security light is always flashing when running and when off. no starting issues but cluster will occasionally turn off and now transmission wont shift. Others have had the same shiftin...