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2009 Avalanche 4 door vehicle. Initially this was just driver side rear passenger door, now it's both rear door locks. The front two door locks are functioning fine. Is this possibly a driver switch issue or c...
what is the cause of a clicking noise in my right rear wheel? click goes quiet when I lift the wheel off the ground or make right corner turns. clicks started about a month ago.
My check engine light keeps coming on and it says service stabiltreck
my camera not wkin in my (09) avalanche it work for a min then stop
neutral light comes on when you turn key on but does not come on when you turn knob to shift transfer case to neutral
engine light code is PO451 which is my Tank sensor per chevy dealer. Is it possible I could change it myself with a little basic mechanic experience.
It runs rough like it is misfiring at RPM's below 1000, seems to do fine at higher speeds. These are EVAP codes and I have doen the visual check of hoses and connectors on the cannister and solenoid and even replaced ...