Replaced the switch have followed the wires from cab to lights running down the frame cannot find any shorts that way. Any ideas on where to go now

8 bolts all have been removed but drum won't come off. help

The 11 wires from the plug that makes the transmission change gears was cut. I need a diagram to reconnect the correct colors wiring in the correct place.

How do you take a 4 speed straight transmission out of a 1991 Chevy 3500 dually 2 wheel drive truck with a 454 gas engine?

1991 chevy 3500 dually 4 speed straight transmission with a 454 engine.

After driving for 15/20 miles the C.E.L comes on, if I stop, turn the engine OFF and then restart it, the C.E.L stays OFF for another 20/25 miles, then comes ON again...and I think I smell a "burnt" odor.
It is a Chevy 454 (on a Pinncle MH)
Thanks a bunch

Vehicle won't run. I have several error codes and am not sure what way to go. Codes are- 33,32,31,46,43,36

4 wheel drive automatic transmission Speedometer works fine , Odometer does not. Is it electrical or is it driven by a cable?