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this will continue unfilled you have blisters on fingers .
turns on for 1 or 2 secends and shuts off i put new ignition and bypass antitheft unpluged coolant sensor tryed resistor and still not working do they sell sensor for the tumbler help
I have no heat and no defrost are air coming out of the vents
wondering if worn brake pads will cause the pedal to go to the floor? also how do i bleed the brakes on the truck, that may be part of the problem?
My cable going to the starter burnt & touched against my exhaust,i checked all my fuses & they are all good. Will i have to change the relay from the computer in order for power to run through?
Can be hot or cold, engine misses, and does not take fuel. Start engine, let idle for couple minutes, drop in gear, does ok. When going down highway, press on fuel pedle, engeine bogs down and catches up. Does not hav...
already changed fuel pump,fuel injectors and changed the spark plugs
The relay checks out the fuel pump new one my kid changed thinking that was problem. The relay also new it will make but there's no power to it in fuse block. We wired around the burnt fuse block to hang a relay outsi...
While shifting from park into drive, the shifter felt tight and with a strong pull downward, it sheared off inside the steering column. I am looking for guided info to fix it. Procedures, tools, materials, etc. I am s...
I checked the bulbs they are good and the relay is blinking fast to tell me they're out.
How to reset oil change
no start changed crank sensor fule pump cap roter will start for months and then nothing good pressure spark sounds like timing off
Truck surges when stopped and in gear what could be the problem?