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Truck always kicked-back when starting as if timing was advanced. Previously replaced ECM. Took to garage, they replaced dist & timed w/ meter - still kicked back but started & ran fine. Also replaced starter. Last we...
I have replaced my fuel pump 3 times, the last time it only lasted a week and it's out again. the first time there was a burned spot on the ground wire on the harness in the tank. replaced the whole assembly. and stil...
can transmission be pushed back to access fly wheel?
Will a windshield out of a 1996 Chevy 1500 fit
Wife drove my trk for only time had trouble getting er brake to release when did the ABS light came on went about 500 feet she states she heard a "pop" and the engine stopped. It has battery power and full power to ev...
New battery and alternator but battery won't charge. I was told to check the alternator fuse.
I replaced the fuse on driver side fuse box. Is there anything else to check?
Is there any special adjusting to do for the carrier berring to eleminate vibration? thanks mark
What is the perfect nposition to put the carrier barring in so theres no vibration? thanks mark
on a chevrolet pickup 1996
po172, system too lean bank one, code keeps coming up. i have cleaned the MAF sensor, installed a new air filter, cleaned my EGR valve!! code continues to come up!! any advice? i did all these things one day and the ...