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After replacing headgasket check engine light appears randomly while driving at wich time the truck will idle slightly higher than normal
I have a gas leak that's dripping 6" behind left front tire on drivers side. Appears to be gas line attached to fire wall. Is this a reasonable DIY project to replace it? If no, is it safe to drive 4miles to mec...
Just replaced back brake drums & pads & master cylinder. My mechanic is trying to tell me this is normal. No fluids leaking anywhere.
How do I change a fuel filter for a 1995 Cheverolet 2500 diesel P/up?
changing the trans fluid how many quarts and how often should the fluid be changed?
The leak is at the back of the engine. I can not find a diagram of the fuel line from the frame to the filter. This leak is a stream flowing down over the bellhousing to the ground.I need a cost to find and repair this.
looking for estimate on having catalyic converter replaced with new bolts and such fom manifold to the muffler
turn signals are not working but hazards are working properly. is this a short in the wires or a switch or plug or fuse? checked all fuses and they are not blown
is there a way to re-seal intake manifold between the two vavle covers by the distrubitor without removing entire assembly? also what is the correct timing setting on this moter V8 350 5.7L please.
Although my turn signals and brake lights all work fine, my emergency flasher switch will not lock into the "ON" position. How can I repair or replace the emergency flasher switch?
I pull a gooseneck trailer with electric brakes, I am wondering how to install a draw tite activator II brake controller. or at least some do's and do not's when installing