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I have replaced all of fuel system, and the firing system. don't know what else to do.
Spark plugs seem to be below exhaust manifold
changing the head gaskets and need the torque specs for the bolts
I still have heat just no fan. all fuses seem to be good and the fan worked fine. I shut off the truck and when I started it up again no fan. is there a simple answer for this?
I am having problems locating the oil pressure sending unit.
My trucks windshield wipers work but nothing comes out when I try to use the washer fluid. There doesn't seem to be any leaking out of the hoses, the bottle is full of fluid. Is there something else somewhere to check...
Not so long ago when I would turn on the turn signal, the speedometer dial would jump up and down while sitting still. Now it is doing it even without the turn signal on. What's the problem?
need cost to replace motor mounts
Twice now when I go to start my truck the starter clicks like the battery is dead. Then, when I release the key from the crank position immediately the wipers come on,the gauges flip to pointing down, and the heater ...
i am working on a chevy 6.5 turbo diesel. the pump is now removed, and being tested for repairs by a reputable shop. my question is: is it possible for the gear that attaches to the front of the pump w/3 bolts, able...
The truck seems to bounce at highway speed and has a wobble when stopping. Tires have 11/32 tred and only about 2,000 miles on them or less. I have had tires balanced twice at two differant shops. The first place s...
to remove the wiring through the colum for the turn signal switch and the cancel switch what is the procedure for wire removal