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Before replacing steering column, truck would start just fine. Now I can get any gas to the carburator
as the warning lights come on the tach, speedometer,and guages go down to the bottom. they go to normal quickly. truck keeps running normally. sometimes they flash alot sometimes not at all
almost impossible to get it back out. usually the lights on switch wont work.
Loseing water out the reserve tank. Having to add water every day. No visiable leaks. Replaced the pump and new seal. I do have heat when its turned on. Was told the Heater control valve could be closed shut.but no le...
i also drained about two gal of waterout of my oil pan
Im a control expert n i want to bypass the passlock with a 2.4k resistor. Mine has red, yellow. I know i tap into one of them n hook other end of resistor to what color?
Sounds like it's coming from the front or middle hard to tell also there's a grinding sound intermittently coming from the front or middle hard to tell that's causing performance issues compromises the torque it mainl...
I have all new fuel injectors and tow new o2 sensors.
After changing starter, went to start, it started then died after ten second,, checked fuel pressure, very low@10psi only,I can hear the pump on, which I had replaced two yrs ago, any ideas as to what too check next,...
need to crank the engine several time to get the engine running
battery died after leaving lights on now I have 5 not ready codes
my truck over heated and i turned the heater on high but the temp gauge did not go down
Just had my transmission rebuilt about 2 months ago and I went to use 4 wheel drive hit the button for auto and light just blinks and does not engage does the same for 4 wheel high