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How much labor? 5.7 lt engine automatic
Great truck but I am having some electrical issues now, sitting on about 125,000 miles and lately I cannot get the day running heading lights to work, the outside air temp indicator co-located in the rear view mirrow ...
I was low on transmission fluid so I added one and a half and now its not catching gears
the fuel pump is okay and the inition system is okay also Email: jaime.jimenez98@yahoo.com
Replaced lifters pushrods rocker arms still have tapping noise anybody had this problem
i had a new fuel pump $79.00 newfuel injection repair kit $299.00 new distributor cap $39.00 new map sesor$57.oo new sparkplugs $15.00 had compression check done it has good compression but has a steady skip on the nu...
Why won't my truck start when the return is open