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And turn signal lights. When I hit the brakes when using turn signal both signals flash. What could be the problem?
Tune up intake value fuel pressure regulator filter erg value an still won't run rite code says fuel loss ??????
put new cap sensor on it, like someone suggested it got even worst but unplug sensor it runs better only stalls once
So I am working on a 1995 Chevy 1500 with 5.7L. Complaint: Running rough, running hot, and loosing antifreeze. You can physically see antifreeze dripping out of the exhaust and has white smoke coming from the tail...
I have had a pretty bad oil leak for quite some time now and I really need to get it fixed. I can't tell where at and I want to know some main places I should look because there is oil over a lot of equipment on the u...
While up on blocks the wheels will spin, but with so little power that they can be stopped with your bare hands. Could it be an issue with the transfer case? Or torque converter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
This has become a problem. I have replaced the little box in the distributor and I can hear the fuel pump come on and prime up.even when it starts it runs real rough.help please.cant go hunting because of this.