1995 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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I put a new timing chain and gears in it turns real fast fires every once and a while the fire is yellow

Center of my truck is the 4wd lever, what is the cover called?

brakes work fine

It just started doing this. I have to start the truck in neutral, because its not reading that it's in park. What is the most likely repair?

New compressor and recharged worked great for 2days ,then it acted like it lost all charge but reads 80 lbs on low side,turn on it go to 0

I have changed wheel cylinders on both side. It is pulling to the left going down the road without applying the brakes left wheel seems to lock up I have replaced the wheel bearings put new brakes on both sides but not help the problem. Someone said it might be the wheel speed sensor or the ABS mod.

runs fine for 1-2 miles then stalls out when I stop at light. I also noticed the upper rad hose is Extremly Hot compared to the lower hose. Does that tell me anything?

Running about 2 or 3 points below normal changed switch & sensor checked gauge it is working

Alternator for 95 4wd 1500 pick up truck v8

Getting no heat or air vents all heating sistems are working including fan a core

Will not idle while backing, seems like when I hold the brake it dies

It t only seems to come from the right side

New engine installed, new distributor, coil, plugs, wires, fuel pump/filter, truck work fine for 4 mos. Now it will crank but not start. There is fuel to the TBI, used noid light on injectors, have spark to plugs, new relay. Will start and run when using starter fluid. I get a Code 54 and Code 43 knock sensor, replace knock sensor. Fuel pump comes on and shut off, also replace oil pressure sender. Could I have a bad ECM? thanks