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I replaced the actuator in the left door and that door lock only works when the actuator rod has been removed, as if it isn't getting enough power. Now the right side door lock is inop as well. Is there a relay in t...
I just purchased a '93 chevy k1500 from a friend. It has been sitting for two years prior to its break down. I was informed that when it broke down a bunch of white smoke discharged from underneath the truck. ...
I replaced the bent tire with a new tire. Every time I drive the wheel is visually wobbling and obviously can feel it when I drive.
My 1993 1500 Silverado was running great. it was due for an oil changed so I pulled it in the garage drained out old oil and put 5qt of 5w-30 in and a new oil filter.(while I was under there I also greased the front e...
it does not engage (light in floor doesn't come on either)
The engine is a small block 350. The truck is spewing transmission fluid after I replaced the gasket and reapplied new sealant. I can't find any cracks and everything looks to me the way other should!
it does iit it runs smooth for little bit then it starts marketing the noise is my clutch or transmission
I starting to think it is time to put in new motor for the vehicle but wanting to know prices on doing an overhaul on it or would be cheaper to but a new engine in?
Not really losing any oil or burning it. Hand will drop but temp guage doesn't rise and get hot.