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1500 "K" 5.7l. If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
Without completely removing the transmission can I replace any or all of the following parts: clutch, pressure plate, throwout/release bearing
What kind of product can I use to safety to add to my oil change to help with the seals until I have the money to replace the seals? At the leading auto parts stores I've found products on the shelves to help soften d...
My truck runs great. Bought it from an 85 year old cranky lady with 111 thousand miles. I've replaced the belts, hoses, and radiator. The truck isn't pretty on the outside. was used as a farm truck. It now has 128,000...
Chevy crew cab with 94,000 miles just quit running going down the road @ 35 mph and lost all power. It will turn over but will not start as if gas is not reaching the engine. I bought the truck new and have never had...
started having low coolant issues and inc. temps, shop said water pump needed replacing, within a week low coolant light was on again, this time they said reservoir was cracked, again within a week the low coolant lig...
were is my fuel filter is it under cab or under hood
Besides speed sensor what else would cause this
changed the egr tps dis cap wires and rotor. What else can it be when u drive for a while it starts jerking sputtering and no power but when floor it its wanting to haul ass
check engine light keeps coming on, but have already cleared all codes
Its dripping on my knee it is actualy dripping from the headliner