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1991 Silverado5.7 rebuilt engine with a RV grind knok sensor code upon install replaced wires and sensor also got another module to test still shows knok sensor code engine seems to run smooth any advice
Still shows knock sensor code engine light on any advice
How do I replace rear main seal? 1991 Chev Silverado 4X4 P/U 350 Cu In
I have absolutely no spark..ive changed everything from the pick up inside the dist,the module rotor cap wires plugs and coil...still no spark whatsoever...done a top dead center test, its all still in time..ive check...
I have Brake lights and turn signals.I replaced Circuit boards and Bulbs in Both taillights.Fuses.
My 1991 chevy c1500 is blowing black smoke and wants to stall at every stop as well as start up. I believe its a fuel issue, but where do I start with it? Injectors or any other suggestions?
I checked the fuse it was good. Then went to my ground wires throughout the truck and resurfaced and bolted them. My temperature gauge hasn't worked since I bought the truck but the heater just went out last week and ...
replace blower motor resistor and fan speed control
Replaced blower motor and resistor and blower fan speed selector
It slipped out of four high once on it's own several days earlier(relatively quiet), then today the indicator light went on and off a few times when the shifter was engaged in 4 high then I lost 4wd. Can I check if i...
light does not come on indicating that it is in fact in 4wd and it is actually still in 2wd