Check Engine Light/Rough Idle Due to Stuck Open EGR Valve on Chevrolet Astro

The EGR valve may stick open causing a rough idle and the Check Engine Light light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us that a piece of carbon may become stuck in the valve causing this problem. Cleaning the valve will usually correct this condition, in some rare cases the valve will need to be replaced.

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1 model year affected: 1995
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I had to replace the EGR Valve because cleaning was not sufficient and the problem re-occured. The factory replacement EGR valve comes with a stainless steel screen over the end to help keep out large carbon particles which hold the valve open at idle and cause the engine to stall. This little solenoid-type electric valve is tiny at the price of $150.00 each. It cures the dying at stop signs and hard starting if the valve is stuck open. Sure is a steep price.
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