Cadillac DeVille DTS Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille DTS Check Engine Light on Due to Faulty Catalytic Conveter

(12 reports)

Failure of the catalytic converter can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Check engine light giving 3-4 error codes all related to catalytic converter. Put an after-market catalytic converter on one year ago so car would pass inspection. Now have the same problem. Car won't inspect with current error codes. Heard Magaflow catalytic converter fixes the problem and will last more than one year. -
check enigine light stays on steady. Computer code showed inefficient catalytic converter. Expensive replacement. -
Check engine light due to faulty catalytic converter -
Check engine light on, tech referred me to Cadillac as he claimed catalytic converter needed replacement. Dealer verified and replaced under warranty (8 years/80k miles). -
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