Mercury Mariner Problem Report

Mercury Mariner Check Engine Light Illumination

(12 reports)

The check engine light may come on due to failure of the Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoids. The VCT solenoids will need to be replaced if they are the reason the check engine light came on.

Same problem as others. Engine light goes on and off several different times and finally stays on. AutoZone told me it was some kind of timing issue. Took to my mechanic and he verified it is this same issue with the cam timing. Repair? Estimate $350.00 -
Check engine light came on and engine became sluggish as if there was no power. -
Engine light comes on for a while then goes off for a while.Off and on .Now tire sensor is on, -
Check engine light on and fwd light periodically -
Engine light came on ANC dealership could not figure out why. When I tried to drive it the next day it started and said ok to drive but would not accelerate I tried for a couple minutes then restarted it and was hood to go. Makes me worried. -
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